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★ ★ ★ ☆

Sometimes a person ends up where they do in life because of bad decisions. The younger they start making them, the worse they end up. They aren’t bad people deep down, but they’ve chosen bad company, and suffer the consequences as a results.

In director Melanie Laurent’s Galveston, Ben Foster plays just this type of person in Roy, a career criminal who continues to make poor choices even at the age of 40. Roy’s a compulsive smoker who has just received a lung disease diagnosis, but still pulls out another cigarette in the hospital parking lot. At this stage, Roy’s poor choices extend to his female companions, as his girlfriend has caught the eye of his boss Stan (Beau Bridges), who wants to eliminate the romantic competition.

One night, Roy finds himself in the middle of a double cross, and narrowly avoids summary execution at the hands of some fellow thugs. In a superbly crafted sequence where most of the violence remains just slightly off-screen, he turns the tables on his attackers, and in the process, liberates an imprisoned prostitute, Rocky (Elle Fanning). Roy’s a smart guy and it takes no time to figure out what has happened and what they need to do – which is run for their lives.

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★ ★ ★ ☆