Why I’m Voting for Elinor Swanson for US House

Last year, as I campaigned for Montana SD29, I attended several events, both partisan and not. I met and interacted with candidates from across the political spectrum and was able to hear them speak about their experience and the issues that matter to them.

There couldn’t have been two more contrasting examples than hearing Greg Gianforte and Elinor Swanson speak.

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Montana’s I-185: The Ends Do Not Justify the Means

If you were to pay attention to the media reports and commercials about Initiative 185 in Montana, you’d think that it was about more taxes versus healthcare for the needy. You might hear that it is designed to reduce tobacco consumption and prevent kids from getting access to cigarettes. Or you might hear that it limits funding for veterans.

What the initiative really amounts to though is an end run around the legislative appropriations process – and an unconstitutional one at that.

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The Atlas Shrugged Trilogy

One star out of four
One star out of four

On a weekend where my wife was struck with the flu, I stumbled into the local library in hopes of checking out the extended Lord of the Rings trilogy. Finding that I had been beaten to the punch (by some group of teenage boys, no doubt), I instead walked out with a different trilogy.

The adaptation of Ayn Rand’s signature work is an ironic library selection, as I was afforded the opportunity to view the much-maligned work without having to make any personal investment other than my time.

Despite that, I still lost out in the bargain.

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The Killing of a Sacred Deer

Zero stars out of four
That’s zero stars folks. Zero.

Two doctors walk down a hallway. They dispassionately discuss a subject with clinical precision, outlining details of what is critical to their decision making. They offer one another opposing viewpoints, but agree on a key area. They are not talking about a patient, an ailment, or a procedure. They are discussing a timepiece.

If this conversation sounds like an interesting one to you, then The Killing of a Sacred Deer may be your kind of movie.  A two hour slog through a supposed thriller plot, the film offers actors reciting lines with near ambivalence, part of a calculated attempt on the part of filmmakers to focus the attention of the viewer on something other than their performance. Something. Continue reading The Killing of a Sacred Deer

Tomb Raider (2018)

From the film’s opening, the makers of this year’s Tomb Raider reboot want you to know this will be a different version of Lara Croft. Gone is the near-superheroine antics of the Angelina Jolie films that were a total misfire in the early aughts. In the very first scene, we watch the titular character before she’s even had a single tomb to raid – and she’s getting beaten to a pulp by someone her own size.

By establishing early on that Lara Croft is human and vulnerable, the film makes for a more engaging adventure – and that is exactly what this is. In the spirit of Indiana Jones more so than the video games from which it was derived, Tomb Raider is rooted in visceral, blood-pumping action sequences interspersed with scenes of genuine emotion from its lead. Continue reading Tomb Raider (2018)

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